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What Your Sponsorship Accomplishes

What your Tax Deductible Gift to the Montgomery County Family Justice Center Foundation Accomplishes.

$20,000 – Provides for video conferencing equipment to connect FJC to other services such as the Crisis Center and child support enforcement.

$15,000 – Funds Teen Conference, education, materials in Spanish and English, training and awareness about teen dating violence and relationship abuse.

$10,000 – Supports our Educational Initiative efforts by creating a library with important client materials and books, electronic and structural equipment for client to access those forms necessary to receive county services, research job opportunities, send resumes to prospective employers.

$10,000 – Supports our Community and Business Initiatives through outreach efforts to business and community groups in order to inform, educate and distribute materials – in as many as five different languages – about the work of the Family Justice Center Foundation and how domestic violence impacts the community-at-large.

$7,500 – Helps support our “Ride to Safety” Initiative providing funds for taxicab services for emergency transport for clients to hospital or shelter; provides emergency funds for transport out of the geographic if necessary.

$5,000 – Provides for on-site education, training and materials, provides support for attendance at critical trainings and seminars offered at national conferences.

$5,000 – Provides for necessary technical services for website, hosting fees and other items needed for the foundation to accept funds, etc.

$2,500 – Provides for healthy, non-boxed fresh food to be provided at the FJC, diapers, emergency food funds and items not covered by donations.

$2,500 – Furnishes two interview rooms for clients to meet with FJC Staff.

$1,000 – Helps support our Children’s Library and Toy Fund, providing each child who comes to the FJC with a new book, toy or stuffed animal.

$1,000 – Provides grocery store gift cards to those most in need.

All gifts are important! Your gift, coupled with those of other caring and kind hearts like yours, truly can change – or even save – someone’s life. Thank you again for your consideration.