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Did You Know?

According to the Surgeon General, Domestic Violence is the leading cause of injuries in women, ages 15-44.

In Montgomery County during 2009:

  • 2 women were murdered by their intimate partners;
  • There were over 8,000 911 family disturbance calls;
  • Over 2,500 victims filed for protective orders against their intimate partners;
  • Over 2,000 incidents of domestic violence were documented by police;
  • 170 families sought shelter from domestic violence;
  • Over 1,500 victims sought services at the County’s domestic violence program.

Beginning in the mid 1990’s the County began the process of addressing the problem of domestic violence. It has searched for and created “best practices” to respond to this public health problem. After years of referring victims to multiple service providers, the County has now embarked on a new initiative, bringing together public and private agencies at one location to provide these services and establish a Family Justice Center. The Family Justice Center will end the practice of sending victims to multiple services providers scattered around the County and begin bringing the service providers together in one location to provide critical services. Providing services in a more accessible manner will encourage victims to use the help available to end the violence in their lives.

Among the goals of the Center is the creation of community awareness and commitment to reduce the incidence of domestic violence and the number of deaths.