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The Montgomery County Family Justice Center Foundation works to raise awareness regarding the issues of power-based violence including domestic violence, elder abuse, and teen dating violence. We raise funds to support and enhance the services at the Family Justice Center (FJC) for victims of domestic violence and their children and to promote healthy teen relationships and healing after abuse.

Funded in part by a grant provided by the Carl Freeman FACES.




Our LifeLine programs provide services to remove the barriers that prevent victims of abuse from getting the assistance they need to leave an abusive relationship and become survivors of intimate partner abuse and domestic violence.  

Abusers utilize multiple methods to control their victims including physical, emotional, sexual and digital abuse.  Financial abuse occurs in more than 95% of domestic violence cases and is cited as the main reason for a victim of abuse to stay with or return to their abuser, especially when there are children.  

LifeLine programs provide support that removes barriers that prevent victims from getting assistance and help keep them safe during the dangerous period of transition away from the abuser.

  • Ride to Safety – Free emergency transportation to victims of domestic violence and their children. This includes transportation to the FJC, medical, legal and court appointments. 
  • Emergency Relief Fund Program (ERFP) – Provides individualized, critical emergency support that directly impact the safety, wellness, or healing of a victim of domestic violence and/or their children. 
  • Financial Literacy Program – Workshops for victims of domestic violence to help gain financial independence held at BAK Shelter – Financial abuse occurs in over 95% of domestic violence cases.
  • Legal Services – The MCFJC Foundation provides grants and other financial support for pro-bono legal services on-site at the FJC – more than 200 pro-bono emergency protective orders filed last year. 
  • The Emergency Protective Order Program – The Foundation provided the original closed-circuit audio and video connection to the District Court as well as the Circuit Court that allows victims of domestic violence to connect with District and Circuit Court from the safety of the FJC. We recently updated the 11-year-old equipment at the FJC with new Polycom equipment.  
  • Forensic Medical Consultation Program – This partnership with Shady Grove Medical offers forensic medical consultations virtually at the Family Justice Center (FJC) using the same Polycom equipment we provided for the virtual Protective Order hearings. Through this program,victims who have suffered physical injuries – especially those who have been strangled – can have a free, one-on-one consultation with a Forensic Nurse to review the survivor’s injuries, give them information about long-term health impacts, and set up appointments for additional treatment if necessary. In the absence of having a Forensic Nurse on-site, this program makes a connection between the survivor and the forensic nurses, increasing the likelihood that they will follow through with seeking medical treatment.    
  •  Safe Connection Program – Digital abuse is a common method of control used by an abuser to track, monitor and stalk their victim. Abusers often compromise or destroy phones as a method to further isolate their victim. This program provides cell phones (with data and minutes) which are a critical element in the safety plan for a victim who is in the process of leaving an abusive relationship. Supported by a grant from The Maryland Bar Association Foundation.
  • Care Cards – Allows victims of domestic violence access to groceries, medication, gas, public transportation and other necessities that they may not have access to or are denied in their home by their abuser.
  • Transition Care Support – Provide necessities for victims of abuse that have been denied these items or do not currently have access to them either in their home or because they can not safely return to their home. This includes overnight bags for men, women or children (includes toiletries), diaper bags (diapers, wipes, changing pad, bottle, formula, etc), school supplies for children, new winter coats, hats, gloves, and baby blankets and more.
  • Nourish Hope –  Provides food and water to victims of domestic violence and their children while seeking services at the FJC which often takes many hours.. – ‘Hungry children’ was the number one reason for a victim of domestic violence to prematurely leave the FJC after coming for help.

1 in 10 Maryland teens experience physical and/or sexual abuse in a dating relationship.

  • RespectFest – An annual free event for middle and high school students, parents, teachers, and youth care providers that educates the community about the warning signs of teen dating abuse, resources for assistance and promotions of healthy relationships (in English and Spanish). Almost 1000 participants in 2021.
  • PSA Video Contest – For middle and high school students regarding dating violence, signs of abuse and resources for support. – MCPS uses these videos throughout the year to promote awareness in their schools. – 2023 contest now open! Deadline for submission is March 13, 2023. Earn SSL hours and a chance to win the $1000 prize. Click here for more details.
  • Expect Respect – 45-minute interactive workshops about types of dating violence, consent, warning signs for both the victim and the abuser, how to help a friend who is the victim or the abuser and resources for help. Available in Spanish and English.  
  • Financial Awareness for Teens – Workshops that introduce the concept of financial literacy to teens and warning signs for financial abuse in a relationship.
  • Clubs P.R.O.V.I.D.E. – High School student groups that focus on raising awareness about teen relationships and volunteer and fundraising for children exposed to domestic violence. Summer internship opportunities.
  • Ready to Learn – Provides age-appropriate backpacks filled with MoCo County suggested school supplies for children and teens exposed to domestic violence who do not have these items.  Studies show that exposure to domestic violence can lead to difficulty in school.  Having appropriate, new school supplies can be the first step in helping to remove roadblocks in school for children exposed to domestic violence.  Wishlist on amazonsmile: Click Here
  • Reading Ready Program – Provides a new age-appropriate book to each child and teen. Reading a book can be a healthy escape for a child or teen who is under stress. Having access to a new book  helps keep children exposed to domestic violence reading at level.  English & Spanish
  • Summer Enrichment Packs (for children & teens) – Because financial abuse goes hand-in-hand with domestic violence, these children do not have the same opportunities and experiences as other children thus putting this vulnerable population at even greater risk for long term setbacks.  This packs provide age appropriate arts & crafts, physical activities, sun screen, insect repellent and food to encourage mental and physical health.
  • Art Therapy – Specialized art therapy through Safe Start Counseling for children and teens exposed to domestic violence. This therapy includes an art kit for each child to keep after the completion of therapy.
  • Teen Talk – Specialized group therapy through Safe Start Counseling for teenagers exposed to domestic violence.
  • Summer Camp – Free Summer Camp with Foundation partners for children exposed to domestic violence who have gone through the Safe Start Counseling Program. – Approximately 24 children attend camp each summer.
  • Safe-Start Virtual Counseling – Foundation provided tablets for children to receive virtual counseling for exposure to domestic violence.
  • Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC)-The Foundation supports various initiatives that reduce the incidence of domestic violence and create a safe community for families to live free of abuse.
  • World Elder Abuse Awareness – The Foundation is an annual supporter of the County’s Day long World Elder Abuse Awareness conference.

When a victim of domestic violence comes to the FJC for assistance there is often little time to plan, and it must be done in secret.  The Foundation holds several ongoing and repeated fundraisers and donation drives for items that FJC has requested to assist victims of domestic violence and their children in the process of fleeing an abusive home.  All items donated to the Foundation must be new.

  • can purchase items from the AmazonSmile Wishlist And have them shipped directly to the FJC > Click Here
  • To receive a receipt for your donation:
    • Select this is a gift
    • Include your name, phone number and email address on the gift note so that we can send you a receipt
  • Books – Studies show that a book can be a healthy escape for a child or teen who is under stress. The Foundation tries to have a new book available for each child (toddler-teen) that comes to the FJC. 
  • Diapers Bags (diapers, wipes, changing pad, ointment, bottles, formula and pacifiers) – Costly necessities for babies and toddlers can often be a roadblock for mothers trying to leave an abusive home.  
  • Overnight Bags – for babies, toddler and children. These can include toiletries, pajamas, etc.
  • Overnight Bags –  (bath/shower supplies, feminine hygiene, dental care, etc.) – These are provided to victims of domestic violence that cannot return to their home or have been denied access to these items.
  • Gift Cards – for gas, grocery stores, public transportation, pharmacies, Target, etc., are used to help families that cannot return home or are denied access to funds for small necessities.
  • Backpacks (and school supplies) – for children in kindergarten through highschool.
  • Stuffed animals – The Foundation provides a new stuffed animal to each child so that he or she may have something soft to cuddle and comfort them during a traumatic time. Last year – 2080 new stuffed animals were given to children exposed to domestic violence.
  • Holiday Drive – Each year the Foundation holds a holiday drive to help provide a game or new toy to a child whose family has been affected by domestic violence.