Yoga for A Cause: MCFJC Pop Up Donation Classes

At Thrive Yoga | February 7th & March 6th @ 7:15 pm

Join Daniele for fun 80s/90s/00 themed practices (suggested donation $25)

With the strength of the Thrive Yoga community, we will support and assist the MoCo Family Justice Center Foundation to help end domestic violence and abuse of all ages.

90's | Feb 7th, 2024 | 7:15 pm

We’ll have the room smelling like TeenSpirit in a 90’s themed Hatha classbenefitting the MCFJCF. Break outyour flannels, baby tees, and BugleBoys and we’ll hit it, baby… one moretime.

00's | Mar 6th, 2024 | 7:15 pm

It’ll get “Hot in Herre” as we move tothe music of the millennium in a Hathaclass. Drag out the Ed Hardy gear,your low wasted jeans, and Von DutchHats to ditch all your “99 Problems”.Feel good as you do good!